Dermaroller is a skin rejuvenation and scar repairing treatment. It is performed by using a cylindrical shaped drum studded with very fine needles. The medical device is used in micro needling to break down old scar tissue and stimulate skin cells to proliferate. The process is very simple yet extremely effective. The treatment is proving popular all around the world, with all aged women and men. The Dermaroller skin results include skin tightening, skin thickening and skin pigmentation improvement, therefore makes it a very popular choice for the elder patient. However, the Dermaroller treatment also results in a smoother skin texture, pore reduction and improved capillary blood supply, proving to be a popular choice for all age groups. Including those who suffer with acne scarring or severe stretch marks.


Thousands of microscopic needle columns are formatted into the dermis of the skin. Stimulating the skin to regenerate and causing it to repair itself naturally and safely. Due to how rapidly the columns close, the skin’s surface is able to repair itself very quickly. According to online resource – cosmetic solutions – the Dermaroller creates roughly 300 micro columns for each treated area which is why symptoms of sun burn follow. Dermatologists will recommend at least four days before the skin starts to heal, however you are asked to allow at least 6-8 weeks before the new collagen and skin cells are formed. It is suggested the enhanced blood flow may also require the same time to become noticeable on the skins outer surface.


You will be asked to arrive to your appointment at least one hour early. This is so you can be treated with an anaesthetic cream to allow for a more comfortable experience. In my case, I sat with the numbing cream for 1.5 hours to ensure the entire facial skin was treated as best as possible. The chosen areas are then treated with the roller section by section. Due to the large amount of scaring on my cheeks, the roller was pressed very deep into their dermis. This caused severe pain, pinprick blood spots and slight bruising in some areas. When the roller was pressed over my forehead, a lighter force was used due to nil scaring therefore bleeding was less, and of course the pain threshold more bearable.

I have been advised results will show with up to two weeks thereafter the initial procedure. At present I can not comment hugely, however, my skin still appears to be swollen, very red and white spots have appeared over the entire face. It appears to resemble a rash. I have been given a strict cleansing regime to follow for the next 3 days before I am able to return to my normal skin care routine. The most noticeable change for me at present is the texture of my skin. Though, my face is covered almost entirely by white spots, its texture appears vibrant and ultra smooth. The skin is tight, inflamed and still remains uncomfortable.


As it is only day two, I am not yet a firm lover or hater of this procedure. Although due to the pain of this treatment if you are looking for an anti-aging quick fix I would perhaps suggest you try something such as laser, before jumping straight into Dermaroller. However, if you have undergone multiple treatments such as myself and still aren’t seeing results or changes in your skin then perhaps you should think carefully of this treatment.

DERMAROLLER KIMSince the images of Kim Kardashian West flooded the net with the capturing title “Vampire Face Lift” I have been intrigued in the procedure. I had to ask myself how someone could CHOOSE to put them self through such pain for cosmetic reasons when there are so many other options. However, once meeting with my new dermatologist she allowed me to feel confident in her procedures. Giving her all of my trust, I promised I would try all she suggested to tackle my scaring caused from severe acne.

It is a very serious treatment, which is why I chose to undergo this privately. I am aware there are many ‘at home kits’ and for some people they may work fantastically. As my skin is very sensitive, I could not bare to treat myself. For lack of knowledge on HOW to treat myself as well as the frightening image in my head of it all going wrong I could not bring myself to test this firstly at home.

After experiencing one session of the Dermaroller, I am confident I chose the right method of treatment. If you are considering the Dermaroller treatment but cannot afford the cost privately – or simply just want to know what it’s all about please do your research before you order a home kit – gather all the tips and tricks to the trade you possibly can. If done incorrectly it can cause your skin to be left more damaged than previous.

Unfortunately I went alone to the clinic, so was unable to gain any pictures whilst undergoing treatment.

An update will be following once I reach the 6-8 week recommended waiting time.

Would you guys have this treatment done? Have you already had it done?

Comment below.

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