Ever since I can remember, I have always wanted to do things in life that truly made me feel ‘alive’. I have changed my mind on professional careers countless times, as I always return to the freedom I feel when writing. Only recently, it occurred to me that perhaps if writing is what wakens my soul then – writing is perhaps what I should be doing. Here I am, attempting to share my mind on social media amongst thousands of others in the hope that – someone out there, will find a connectivity to what I share. All that I ask is that whatever you feel when you visit my page is honesty, integrity and passion for what I choose to discuss with an openly somewhat closed eye world.

I owe a thank you to all of the souls I have passed on my personal journey at this stage in my adulthood, because each of you have made me feel like writing is what I was made to do when I at times have felt very lost within this earthly space.


Isha Ashley Knight

March 2016


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