Quay X Shay – Altering Your Perspective

Perspective: a particular attitude towards or way of regarding something; a point of view.’

I, for one, had never been hesitant in forming a particular attitude/view towards someone or something. Though, as of late, I have begun to see through – let’s say; a much clearer lens. Viewing the world in all its gloom and glory has created something magical for me. It’s opened my heart, mind and soul to understand perhaps only a fraction more of what ‘this life’ is truly about.  Though a fraction – I believe is all it takes to admittedly alter previous perceptions.

“To live, is to truly experience lives forte.” 




IMG_0614“Some people wear rose tinted glasses and see the positives while others see the negative. I wear rose, mostly… because it’s better for my energy.” 

I am no life coach, though, with the help of those around me I have begun to understand the importance in the style of glasses you choose to wear. Mine as of late, have been my new addiction Quay x Shay Vivienne sunglasses. You can find them here.


January Frost

Happy Sunday!

It’s been snowing in/around England over the last week, however is yet to hit my town. I’m awaiting the morning I wake up to look out of my window at the foresight of a beautiful white wonderland. There is just something so special about frosty mornings, that I’ll forever love and forever wait to come. Each and every year; without a doubt.

Until then, I will continue to wear cute Bohemian dresses with a hint of faux fur (to keep snug) until I am forced to hide it all by huge woollen coats, otherwise known as blankets. Blankets will always do the job.



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Summer Essentials



So we all know Birkenstock sandals became hugely popular back when our parents were growing up. It seems that once again fashion trends are circulating with people grabbing onto them with every ounce they have. I am one of those people. When I first saw this sandal craze begin over last summer I knew I had to jump on the bandwagon. Not only do I love how casual they are, but your feet will honestly be in a kind of heaven as soon as you slip a pair on. A la Comforte. We all want that right?

Not only are Birkenstock sandals grabbing everyones attention worldwide, but so is home-made flavoured water. Everywhere I look, it seems the nation is interested in becoming a much more healthier, comfortable, happier place and I truly love it. Everyone is offering advice on how too’s. So here’s mine…

No matter what you are doing, its important to keep hydrated. If you are anything like me, you’ll always have a bottle of water handy. Whilst it does the job, it’s not rare to crave something more satisfying whilst still keeping count on the sugar intake. So mix it up a little, get creative with all your kitchen side fruits… make something outstandingly refreshing and deliciously satisfying.

Fruits to try out – 

Lemon and Limes – Mint is optional

Stawberry and Kiwi – Mint is optional

Mixed Berries

Oranges and Lemons

Add water, ice and herbs to these as desired

Experiment! Let me know what your favourite flavours are!




I picked my Birkenstock bargain sandals up from TX Maxx so if you’re after a pair check them out first. If not click the link below to see all the other colours/styles/brands you can find.