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Cliff Jumping at Malibu Creek, Calabasas LA

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I certainly am blessing this page with photographs of my ever so un-toned bum cheeks due to my lack of physical fitness lately, but c’mon lets focus on the PALM TREE BOMBER JACKET – fitness can be our main the next time round.

I found this beauty on the Miss Guided website and instantly fell in love. If you know me well, you’ll know Palm Trees are my complete obsession. If I see one whether its real, painted on a wall, printed on a t shirt, dangling from a chain, shaped as a pillow, whatever I’VE GOTTA have it. 
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Jumpsuit Fever


If I religiously followed fashion trends, I would be dusting off all things bright and wonderful from the back of my wardrobe – prepping them just in time for these beautiful long summer days. But, I’m not that easily led. So, whilst some shall sport floral dresses you will find me slipping on my favourite all black jumpsuit. Matching it with black shades…  and of course… a huge black handbag. Breaking in some colour with the most comfortable shoes of summer – my Birkenstock sandals.

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Desert Boots

I definitely have the ‘Desert Boot’ fetish at the moment. Ranking up four pairs on my ‘wish list’ with-in 20 minutes really screams ‘addicted’. Regardless of the work piling up on my desk in the office, I just could not stop clicking… There’s something about the boot’s style, that makes them easy to wear throughout summer and into the Winter. So, can you really blame me for finding it so difficult to stop browsing what’s out there? 

Nope. Didn’t think so. 

I’ll have you know, I held it together. I stopped myself eventually when the pile of documentation started yelling my name. And, today – I am quite pleased that day at work went as it did because I stumbled across the perfect pair in the Topshop sale yesterday… 

If you’d like to get your hands on a cheap pair, take a look on their website to see what offers they have…  




20 Minute Workout

1. Dead-Lift with Press
1. Dead-Lift with Press
2. Push Up
2. Push Up
3. Split Squat with Arnold Press
3. Split Squat with Arnold Press
4. Anchored Side Leg Raise
4. Anchored Side Leg Raise
5. Single Leg Dumbbell Row
5. Single Leg Dumbbell Row

If you work 12 hour shifts like me, you will often find it difficult driving to the gym afterwards for an hours workout… My brain stops functioning and no matter how much I intend on pulling up to David Lloyd at 7:30 am after that night shift my conscious takes me straight home. So, I often do  quick 20-30 minute workout before I settle into a coma for the next few hours before another long start.

I am all about toning my physic, so these few exercises found on the American Women’s Health Website work perfectly at home for me as they don’t require hefty gym equipment. A set of heavy dumbbells is all your require (as long as they do not compromise your form) and you are ready to work those muscles.

Many fitness gurus suggest short workouts as this one designed by Perkins –  do in-fact work effectively depending on the ‘trade off between speed and accuracy.’  Of course, the slower you complete these sets, you will find you focus more on the muscles you should be using.

Rather than dragging yourself to the gym to work out extremely light, taking extra time between sets and not really feeling your greatest, try out these 5 different exercises. I usually do 8-12 reps, 3 times each. Choose your preferred weights, get toning, then get your butts back here to let me know whether you enjoyed this quick and easy workout as much as I do!

You can find the original workout by clicking here!









Summer Essentials



So we all know Birkenstock sandals became hugely popular back when our parents were growing up. It seems that once again fashion trends are circulating with people grabbing onto them with every ounce they have. I am one of those people. When I first saw this sandal craze begin over last summer I knew I had to jump on the bandwagon. Not only do I love how casual they are, but your feet will honestly be in a kind of heaven as soon as you slip a pair on. A la Comforte. We all want that right?

Not only are Birkenstock sandals grabbing everyones attention worldwide, but so is home-made flavoured water. Everywhere I look, it seems the nation is interested in becoming a much more healthier, comfortable, happier place and I truly love it. Everyone is offering advice on how too’s. So here’s mine…

No matter what you are doing, its important to keep hydrated. If you are anything like me, you’ll always have a bottle of water handy. Whilst it does the job, it’s not rare to crave something more satisfying whilst still keeping count on the sugar intake. So mix it up a little, get creative with all your kitchen side fruits… make something outstandingly refreshing and deliciously satisfying.

Fruits to try out – 

Lemon and Limes – Mint is optional

Stawberry and Kiwi – Mint is optional

Mixed Berries

Oranges and Lemons

Add water, ice and herbs to these as desired

Experiment! Let me know what your favourite flavours are!




I picked my Birkenstock bargain sandals up from TX Maxx so if you’re after a pair check them out first. If not click the link below to see all the other colours/styles/brands you can find.