Quay X Shay – Altering Your Perspective

Perspective: a particular attitude towards or way of regarding something; a point of view.’

I, for one, had never been hesitant in forming a particular attitude/view towards someone or something. Though, as of late, I have begun to see through – let’s say; a much clearer lens. Viewing the world in all its gloom and glory has created something magical for me. It’s opened my heart, mind and soul to understand perhaps only a fraction more of what ‘this life’ is truly about.  Though a fraction – I believe is all it takes to admittedly alter previous perceptions.

“To live, is to truly experience lives forte.” 




IMG_0614“Some people wear rose tinted glasses and see the positives while others see the negative. I wear rose, mostly… because it’s better for my energy.” 

I am no life coach, though, with the help of those around me I have begun to understand the importance in the style of glasses you choose to wear. Mine as of late, have been my new addiction Quay x Shay Vivienne sunglasses. You can find them here.


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