Cliff Jumping at Malibu Creek, Calabasas LA



You hop out of your car at a jammed pack parking lot in the middle of nowhere it seems.

You gaze all around you trying to catch sight of the ‘Rock Pools’ your friends and family have begged you to come too. ‘It’ll be the most fun you’ve ever had!’ They shriek down the phone to you before you finally agreed to come to this secret location. (Although little persuasion was needed because the idea of the place pretty much sells itself to you instantly.) All you can see are huge beastly yet beautiful mountains surrounding your current location. Masses of people are both entering and leaving through the small passages between the mountains. Not one family passing isn’t smiling or roaring with laughter. Good vibes are floating all around almost instantly. Regardless of the two mile hike you are informed you must take to reach the final destination your spirits remain high. You feel excited, yet almost nervous. Can a place like this actually exist? Already its so authentically beautiful, so you begin to wonder what the final spot will behold. It’s described to be out of this world. Not only because of the way its natural surroundings look but because of how peaceful and tranquil the place makes you feel deep within. So much fun is considered to be had here. After completing your first mile, you keep on stepping so eagerly forward sensing the pools will 110% blow your mind just as your loved ones predicted it would. As a great lover of the outdoors you enjoy the brisk hike. Everything about nature excites you and so you inhale the fresh unpolluted air so deeply whilst allowing the sun to warm upon your skin… you finally look up from the trail you’ve mastered through in 100 degrees F to yell ‘HELL YEAH, WE MADE IT!’  


Absolutely mind blowing it is. 

Without much thought you join your family, your friends to begin rock climbing as high as your excitement will take you. You find your feet firmly on the second from highest cliff overlooking the most magical pool of people cheering you on to make your first successful jump into the fresh water. Your confidence can almost touch the sky, 3… 2… 1 JUMP.

For all of the three or four seconds you are in the sky you feel alive. You’ve awoken your inner dare devil. Your inner child. Your adrenaline is pumping. You swim around the lake cheering on each and every other person attempting their first or tenth jump. Hoping they will make it safely. Hoping they will feel just as you did. You connect with them on the strangest levels. The people at Rock Pools cross the line of being strangers as soon as they enter into the creek. It’s almost as though you’re united, you’ve become one powerfully energetic, true family.

To all of you who come across this page, I would like you to know that I went to Malibu Creek this past Labour Day weekend. I jumped from the highest cliffs I could’ve imagined into the pools. So if you begin to question, ‘Do places like this really exist other than in the movies?’ I can answer that for you… They sure as hell do. And they sure as hell change your life in the most positive way you could dream of.

Cliff jumping is amongst some of the most dangerous sports. Many have not survived. Even at Malibu Creek incidents are reported weekly, however no fatalities to my knowledge. Therefore once you have successfully taken your first jump a light shines from within. It’s as though your personal confidence bulb has been switched on. The feeling is so utterly amazing and intensifying. To hold such a confidence is a very valuable attribute. It not only allows you to complete daily lifestyle tasks but it gives you the front to jump from the highest of limits into something/somewhere you’ve never been before… until you’ve challenged yourself you will really never know how truly amazing things can be…

Cliff jumping at the creek for my 21st birthday will be a story I forever tell.

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